I’m an avid learner with a passion for the science behind how we learn. Once a struggling student, my interest in optimizing learning helped me graduate top of my class in high school, earn straight A’s at the UC Berkeley and graduate from the University of Oxford with a Distinction. My first book, Super student, is based on that experience. I’ve worked in business in Oslo and Singapore, but am now fully devoted to helping others improve the way they learn.

I spend much of my time reading research papers, attending conferences, collaborating with learning experts and writing and giving workshops. Currently, I’m working on a new book on learning together with Dr. Barbara Oakley called "Learn Like a Pro" which we expect to publish in the US and worldwide in mid 2021.

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Olav Schwe | P.O. Box 2768 Solli, 0204 Oslo, Norway | Contact@olavschewe.com | (+47) 21 51 66 64

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